Selling the experience, not the product

Selling the experience, not the product

15 Jun Selling the experience, not the product

A while ago, I read a summary of The Future of Retail report, which described todays consumer as “never alone, always connected, constantly consuming & often sedentary.”  What an apt description.  We live in a digital age where the ‘always on’ consumer holds all the power. Consumers are increasingly looking for a personalised experience tailored to their likes and dislikes, where they are and what device they’re on.

Not so long ago, the better product won. Customers bought things because of the features and benefits that they provided. Not anymore. Things have changed. Today, the most connected, engaged and relevant brand wins.

Consumers aren’t interested in the product you are selling; they are interested in how your product can benefit their extremely fast-paced lives.  Sell the experience, not the product.   According to the report “design new ways for consumers to experience the benefits of the product you are trying to sell. Make the best use of your customers’ time and attention by designing multichannel experiences that strike a perfect balance between efficiency and enjoyment, relevance and surprise.”

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