How to create multi-product ads on Facebook


22 Jul How to create multi-product ads on Facebook

In June 2014, Facebook announced a new ad format called “multi-product ads” that caught the attention of many Facebook advertisers. This new format was designed to do three things:

  • Generate more website visitors
  • Drive better conversion rates, and
  • Improve remarketing results.


What Are Multi-Product Ads?
This new ad format allows up to three items in the same ad unit — which is referred to as a “carousel.” This carousel appears below a typical-looking status update, and each item within the carousel has its own title, description, and destination link.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Example of Facebook Multi product ad













How Do You Create Multi-Product Ads?

Want to set up your very own multi-product ad? Follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Create an ad in Ads Manager
  3. Choosing “Clicks to website” or “Website conversions” as the campaign objective.
  4. In the “Create Ad” section, select “Multiple images and links in one ad.”
  5. Complete all fields for each of the three ads you’d like to include in your carousel, including a destination URL, headline, product description, and an image.
  6. If you want Facebook to determine the best order to show your ads in, check “Automatically select and order images and links.” ¬†This ensures that the item that is receiving most engagement always shows first.
  7. Under “See More URL” enter the destination URL for final panel in your ad.
  8. Under “See More Display URL,” enter the See More URL you want to show in the ad.
  9. If you are using any custom tracking tags or parameters, enter those in the “Tracking” section.
  10. Click “Upload Changes” on the top navigation to save your new ad.


Let us know if you need help with setting up Multi-Product Facebook ads for your brand. Email for more information.

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